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In requesting usage of the area listed above, the responsible party agrees to the following guidelines while any group member or individual associated with the group is inside the building or on the property of New Beginnings Church:

  1. New Beginnings Church will not be held liable for accidents which occur on church premises.
  2. All participants and guests are allowed only in the areas of the church approved for usage by his/her group.
  3. All children, under the age of 18, participating in or associated with the group will have constant adult supervision, whether inside or outside of the church building.
  4. All groups should adhere closely to their approved times and area of facility usage in order to respect the needs of other parties.
  5. The responsible party will assure that all facility areas utilized by their group will be left in the same condition as it was prior to their usage.
  6. Should any accidents or damage occur, either to a participant or the facility, the Church Business Administrator will be contacted immediately at 918.282.2165 by the responsible party, named below.
  7. Activities should be carefully supervised in order to maintain safety of participants and integrity of building and furnishings.
  8. All audio and visual equipment must be managed and ran by an authorized New Beginnings Church staff member.
  9. Should additional facility maintenance (i.e., cleaning/set-up) be required by group, fees may be charged to cover payment to service providers.
  10. Responsible parties entrusted with security codes and/or facility key(s) will not use the code or key at times other than those approved for their particular groups’ usage. All individuals associated with the group must be evacuated from the building and premises prior to responsible party named below leaving the grounds. The facility entries must be thoroughly secured and security alarm armed prior to evacuation. The key remains the property of NBC and must be returned to a staff member following scheduled activity.
  11. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or smoking are allowed on church premises.
  12. While phones may be used for local calls, no long distance calls should be made from the church facility.
  13. All activities must be conducted in a manner which upholds the Christian beliefs and practices of
  14. New Beginnings Church.New Beginnings Church reserves the right to cancel scheduled facility usage for ongoing activities in the following instances:
    • Failure by any group to adhere to the above guidelines;
    • Church activities which require occasional usage of said areas. 

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*All requests must be turned in 14 days prior to event for approval. Failure to do so could result in scheduling conflict.




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